Laurence Smith

Art Director & Graphic Designer

Hi! My name is Chris

I'm a graphic designer with a passion for learning new things. I have 9 years of experience spread between product rendering, print, and lately product development. My strengths are in research and ideation, I believe quickly removing what doesn't work makes finding the solution that much faster.

I'm a : Designer, Illustrator, Foodie, Screen Printer, 3D Modeler, Adventurist, Reader

I prefer to juggle multiple projects, in and out of work. I just like making things, there's always some project to toil away on, whether its a new food, drawing coloring books, or designing random products. I adore food, eating it making it reading about it.


The two things that have been consuming my free time lately. Procedural Materials & Animation.

Some fun experiments! Two small rendering projects. I attempted to make every material with scripting, procedurally. My library of textures and materials is growing almost unwieldly, the goal was to see how accurate I can be without relying on it: