Hi! My name is Chris

I'm a graphic designer with a passion for learning new things. I have 5 years of experience focusing on print, presenting information in an interesting but functional way. My strengths are in research and ideation, I believe quickly removing what doesn't work makes finding the solution that much faster.


Two things have been consuming all of my free time lately. 3D and Color.
I've always had and interest with 3D, I've dabbled with CAD, but the technical parts scared me off. But recent advancements have re-ignited that flame, the growth of virtual reality tools the easy access to 3D printing for consumers. Being able to experience an environment or interior you constructed, or model an object and immediately put it to use is a game changer. Exciting times!

Some fun experiments! Two small interior renders, learning how to apply materials and achieve some nice lighting:


I'm having a lot of my color understanding re-vamped in the last few months. I spent a lot of time painting in school, some abstract and portraiture, those experiments gave me what I thought was a fair understanding. But now, ideas I thought to be hard and fast rules feel they have a lot more bend to them.
This video and this book were influential!
Marco Bucci Youtube - Using Colour
Nita Leland - Confident Color